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Certified™: August 2017

Cover Story:

ACE-SPONSORED RESEARCH: The Performance Benefits of Training with a Sauna Suit

by Samuel S. Van De Velde, M.S., Bryant R. Byrd, Jennifer S. Fargo, Christina A. Buchanan, Ph.D., and Lance C. Dalleck, Ph.D., with Daniel J. Green

Can short-term use of sauna suits during training help athletes acclimate to the heat prior to competition? ACE enlisted researchers at Western State Colorado University to investigate whether wearing the Kutting Weight sauna suits would provide adequate heat acclimation to improve performance during an endurance event.

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Help Your Clients Increase Their Culinary Literacy
  • Certified™: August 2017

Help Your Clients Increase Their Culinary Literacy

by Jessica Matthews
Health and Fitness Expert

As a health and fitness professional, you are perfectly positioned to help your clients make the lifestyle changes necessary to achieve greater health and well-being. Learn practical ways you can help your clients increase their nutritional knowledge and culinary literacy—both of which are essential to harnessing the health benefits of sound nutrition—while also staying within your scope of practice as a health and fitness professional.

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