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Type: Online Course
CEC Credits: ACE 0.5 CECs

Develop Into a Better Group Fitness Instructor and Deliver Your Best Classes Yet

Group fitness instruction is more than developing a sequence of exercises—it’s also about engaging each participant and understanding what each person needs in order to get the most out of the class. With this course, discover how you can be your best as an instructor so you can offer inspiring class experiences. Led by Tanya Thompson, founder and owner of Pilates Unlimited – the Art of Movement™, you will learn the fundamental teaching principles that will enable you to teach dynamic classes. You will train your eye to view and assess compensations and good form in numerous functional movements, and you will discover how to assist people in improving these movements through correct cueing and muscular awareness. Through brilliant teaching, your classes will be engaging and motivating, keeping your participants coming back for more.

You will learn:

  • The 5 fundamental teaching principles
  • The 5 movement principles
  • To view, assess and correct compensations
  • To deliver classes that are enthusiastic, professional and scientific, leading to better retention
  • To teach a class that encompasses flow and creates intensity and interest through small props


The second part of the course was the best (Training your Eye). The teaching was very well done and it helped to have two participants - one who showed proper position and one that showed the client compensating. The last section - Mat Flow did not match the content in the quiz.

If I were to use any of the tone she used in the classes I teach at 3 different gyms, I would be laughed out. Primarily using high level muscular names would also cause much confusion for many of my clients, who are often just starting their fitness journey and are not aware of what many muscles are called. Sometimes I am teaching them glutes/lats/pecs so going to sub-scapular would cause confusion and frustration. Additionally, all of this was centered around teaching pilates type classes. As someone who teaches bootcamps/HIIT/kettlebells, there was little useful in this course.