ACE works directly with fitness facilities, health clubs, and recreation centers to ensure customer-facing staffs can support members' and nonmembers' individual pursuits for improved health and enhanced quality of life.

Improve member retention and drive new revenue

A true benefit of placing ACE Certified Professionals on your club floor, as opposed to those certified by others, is their orientation toward facilitating sustainable behavior change. When your staff is trained in the science of behavior change, they are equipped to help your members achieve sustainable results. That means increased member retention and all-powerful word-of-mouth marketing.

Employing ACE Certified Professionals lets you reach deeper into your membership and even beyond—well beyond the small percentage who pay for personal training today—with new program offerings to help more people reach their health and fitness goals. ACE Pros enable your facilities to diversify revenue streams.

Then there's the basic matter of good customer service. Behavior change coaching—the science of deeply listening to the customer, discerning their true needs and being able to then present an ideal program, product, or service—is the “soft skill” that smart health clubs require in order to establish deep, longstanding member relationships.

Cultivate employee loyalty and staying power

Forward-thinking health clubs know that investing in employees' careers, specifically by helping them earn and retain an NCCA-accredited certification like those offered by ACE, is the best way to build loyalty and reduce turnover.

Show your employees that they are number one by supporting their career goals as they support your business goals. Work with ACE to establish a program that encourages and makes it easy to stay equipped with the latest and greatest science and information to benefit your members. They'll reward you by making your customer number one.

Partner with us

Let ACE work with you on a program to keep your customer-facing staff ACE Certified and up to date on the skills necessary to generate meaningful results for your business.

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