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Certified™: July 2023

Cover Story:

You Can Do It: The Transformative Power of Going Outside Your Comfort Zone and Tackling Extreme Challenges

Pete McCall by Pete McCall
Health and Fitness Expert

Once a client has established a target level of fitness, they may be inspired to challenge themselves outside of the gym by participating in extreme conditioning programs (ECPs), which push physical fitness to the limits of human performance, often in pursuit of a focused goal or event. Read on to learn more about the benefits of ECPs and how to determine if you should incorporate them into your clients’ training programs.

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The Essential Role of Exercise in Mental Health
  • Certified™: July 2023

The Essential Role of Exercise in Mental Health

by Sami Mansfield

Learn about the multifaceted nature of mental health, what the research says about how exercise can impact mental health, and how to talk to your clients about this important topic without veering outside your scope of practice as a health and exercise professional.

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ACE-SUPPORTED RESEARCH: Bridging the Gap Between Public Health and the Fitness Industry
  • Certified™: July 2023

ACE-SUPPORTED RESEARCH: Bridging the Gap Between Public Health and the Fitness Industry

by Lynn Katherine Herrmann, PhD, MPH, and Sarah Blackstone, PhD, MPH, with Daniel J. Green

In this latest ACE-supported research study, ACE Certified Professionals were surveyed about how empowered they feel to impact the health behaviors of their clients and participants. Learn about the findings and why, as a health and exercise professional, you may not realize that you are doing the important work of helping to improve public health.

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